Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Challenge Kilometers

Challenge Series 1:  113km of 125km

Just 12km more to go! I had targetted to finish earlier, before the Deepavali holidays but alas laziness and excuses were creeping in. After the HSN21 in early October, my running mileage has been a little slow building up. Then came the festive season and holiday in Langkawi so just more excuses.

Not anymore! I'm back to putting in more kilometers. Reminder to self : Twincity Marathon (and my first attempt at a full marathon) is just 65 days away. Time to seriously pile up the mileage. And panic.

Challenge 1 running log, so far

Sep 20: 5km
Sep 22: 7km
Sep 24: 10km
Sep 26: 4km
Sep 28: 7km
Sep 29: 3.5km
Sep Total: 36.5km

Oct 1: 7.5km
Oct 3: 10km
Oct 5: 5km
Oct 8: 21.5km
oct 17: 5km
Oct 23: 11km
Oct Total: 60km

Nov 2: 3.5km
Nov 5: 8km

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