Friday, November 25, 2016

Run: SJMC Run [10km], 13 Nov 2016

Challenge Series 2:  20km of 125km

Right in my backyard! I've always been wanting to give this a try, since it's right here in my neighborhood. But then happen and instead I kept visiting SJMC for other reasons and yada yada yada..

So finally this year signed up and ran the SJMC run. Last year it was up to 7km only, this year they expanded the route to 10km, alongside a 3km fun run event.

Race summary:

  • Excellent management. Overall everything was carried out superbly. Great support from organisers and staff of SJMC.
  • Location. It's nice running along familiar roads, and knowing how far to estimate distance since we know the roads like the back of our hands.
  • Route and water. It was challenging with a lot of short uphills. Route was well managed with well-stockde water stations.
  • Goody bag. Wow. Actual things in goody bag was something from runs of yesteryears, there were no runs this year that had a bag that deserved to labelled 'goody'. This one was packed with sponsor items and vouchers. There was a gardenia sandwich voucher to redeem after run, from the gardenia truck stationed. Sandwich was YUMMY. 

  • No km markers at all. And this is the only con!

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