Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Challenge Kilometers

Challenge Series 2:  60km of 125km

This time around I set a goal that all my runs should be minimum 5km (no more 3km runs, I should be way past that stage in my training now!) I had a also targeted for longer weekend runs, but alas kept getting thwarted by the rainy weather, the recurring ashtma from the weather, and the(sigh) female problems at inapproriate times.

After 3 weekend long runs cut short by 'stuff', I'm changing strategy to building mileage on my treadmill instead. Since my treadmill is a medium grade one not really great for running long, I'll aim to do daily 5km stints to pile on mileage while not ruining my back from the treadmill non-absorber track. Added to more regular kettlebell workouts for core training, I hope I'm ready for Twincity Marathon, my first full marathon coming soon in...

... 31 days, 12 hours, 35 minutes! 

Challenge 2 running log, so far

Nov 17: 4km
Nov 20: 11km
Nov 24: 5km
Nov 25: 5km
Nov 27: 8km
Nov Total: 33km

Dec 1: 5km
Dec 3: 8km
Dec 4: 5km
Dec 10: 9km
Dec Total: 27km

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