Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 25km Virtual Run

Challenge Series 2:  110km of 125km

Whoa look at my milage count! I sure am pretty pleased about it.

In preparation for my first full marathon (that is creeping closer, closer, closer.. eek), I planned for a long run on last Monday. Set a target of 25km under 4 hours. We planned the run early on with my training partner, so we had the week to prepare and time to recover after Christmas festivities. 

This will be the longest training run for us, after which I plan on shorter runs and more kettlebell workouts leading up to the big day. This is also our longest run to date, having completed many half-marathons but never more. And to do it in a hamster wheel route of laps around the same park maybe madness, but I told myself I will, and I did.

So happens there was a virtual run challenge that came up right around the time I was planning the long run. Virtual I Run U Run had a Christmas 25km Virtual Run, that can be run as a cumulative total. I decided to take up the challenge and do it at one go. This will at least push make me push myself if I felt like quitting at 23km. 

Monday came around, and we got a wonderful weather. The day was cloudy and almost rained mid-run, and sun only came out nearly at the end. Me and my training partner plodded round and round the park for 4 hours. People came, people went. Families came, families went. On and on we plodded, round and round. 

I had loaded up my music choices beforehand. College favourites Coldplay, Avril Lavigne and Eminem helped me through the hours. I had forgotten how funny Eminem is - I must have look like a madman laughing and running in circles. 

We finished under the targeted 4hrs. In a race proper that would translate to better time I hope, with the energy from the crowd, better fueling (isotonic water stations!) and interesting scenery. And having completed the run with energy to spare, I'm confident we can finish the Full Marathon. I'll probbaly need to walk the last few kilometers - but I WILL cross the finish line strong.

Surprisingly I also felt less sore after this run compared to the last few half-marathons we did. I hope this means all the training has the body better prepared. I'm really really excited for January 15 now - can't wait for it! 16days 11hours away!


  1. Well done Nila. Keep up the good work and you can make it at Bangkok.

  2. Congrats amayee and "mysterious training partner!!! Definitely can do it next mth!!! Gou

  3. Full marathon d!! Crazy!!!!!!!! So geng d now.. keep it up!!!!! And hope for best conditions on 15 Jan