Thursday, February 2, 2017

Getting back on track

Challenge Series 3:  56km of 125km

It's 2017! Eh, it's already the second month?

Haha. Ok for the first week of January we were busy getting back into routine of schools and classes, then the second week I got hit by a slight bout of flu (while simultaneously panicking about Twincity Marathon at the end of that week!), then finished my first ever marathon (hurrah! nearly 7 very long hours, but I did it!), then the next two weeks I was too tired physically and mentally to do anything but eat. A lot.

So here we are. I finally ran again 14 days after Twincity Marathon, and could barely last 5km. My clothes are getting tight again as I've gotten more prosperous, especially around my middle. I feel like I was a runner 2 weeks ago, but not anymore. Hah.

Time to pick up the pace! Honeymoon's over. Next goal is coming up - to get a PB for a half marathon 21km (gunning for under 2hr45m / 7m50s pace), at Malaysia Women Marathon this coming March 5th. Which due to super short February is only 30 days away. Gulp.

To give myself a kick in the butt I signed up for an ambitious 80km virtual run challenge for the month of February. That translates to roughly 2.85km per day. I better get running soon, it's second day of February already and my mileage is 0 still.

Oh, yes. I will write about Twincity Marathon, of course. Soon! 

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