Tuesday, September 20, 2016

125km Challenge Series 1 - Virtual Run

Challenge Series 1:  5km of 125km

Challenge accepted! 

A Sabahan friend of mine was asking me about any interesting virtual runs here, but so far my one and only virtual run was very disappointing. I gave him some links and and in return he gave some that were ran over there, with positive reviews.

The challenges are so interesting! So far I've only seen 5k, 10k, and very rarely 21k virtual runs. The virtual run he recommended that caught my interest is a series of 4 x 125km challenge, for a total of 500km. Daunting goals, but perfect for someone putting in the mileage for a marathon training. 

Instead of medals, each leg of the series earns you a medal hanger (so cool!). If you successfully complete all 4 series then you get a 500km medal and finisher t-shirt. There is no time limit for the accumulated mileage, but each series has a start date. You move on to the next stage after the date or after you complete your current stage, whichever comes later.

Too bad I just signed up for it, a day earlier and I could have counted in my 21km Compressport Run. But nevermind, challenge accepted! Already put in a 5km run today, looking forward to the next 120km (omg).

FB: Virtual I Run U Run
Event FB: 125Kkm Challenge Series

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