Thursday, September 22, 2016

Run: Compressport Run [21km], 18 Sept 2016

Challenge Series 1:  12km of 125km

We (me and my running gang) ran the Compressport 21km Run in Cyberjaya last weekend. I was aiming for an under 3hr finish, but didn't make that time.

My time of 3hr 02m is a personal best for this distance. My fastest time before this was a whooping 19m away! Hooray me. All that training is paying off.

Race summary:

  • Race day weather was great. Cloudy and slightly drizzly, its better than the heat otherwise
  • Race course is nice. Mostly flat with few hills. I prefer Cyberjaya/Putrajaya races to KL races cos of the feeling of space everywhere. Wide open spaces, wide lanes, less cars, less grimes.
  • Kilometer markers were spot on. And so is the course distance. Nothing worse than passing the 19km marker when your gps is showing 21km (yes, looking at you, SCKL 2016).
  • Coconut water! There was a coconut water station at KM9, and after the race we're handed a box of Cowa brand coconut water.. I love coconut water, this is a major bonus point. 
  • Ample water stations with ample water and isotonic drink (Monster brand). Do note in some races ample water stations do not mean ample water. This race has ample supply.
  • Nice running shirt and finisher shirt. Some races the shirt given is never used because it's just not nice size or cut or material. End of the year just collect all and donate. Both the shirts given are nice, and I'll definitely use them. 

  • Race kit collection nightmare. Waited in line for 1h 12m just to collect the kit. For perspective, that is the time it takes to run a 10km!
  • Toiletssssss. For an event with a medium crowd turnout, there's no portable toilets at all. Instead we had to queue up to use the measly 4 stalls in the MMU mini stadium. 
  • They closed the MMU gate early on, although there was still ample parking inside. We didn't park too far off still, but those that came later had to walk quite a bit. 

Overall it was a good run. Can't wait for the next 21km run next month, to try beat that 3hr mark!

Me and my running gang. I'm the fat whale in purple.

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