Monday, September 12, 2016

Book : Shut Up and Run by Robin Arzon


Love this book. It's a huge kick in the ass to just Shut Up and Run. Just get up and go run already!

This book is coffee-table style with lots of pictures and motivational quotes throughout. It's also packed with great running info and tips. From the basics - how to start, what you need to start, and the motivation to keep at it. To intermediate and advanced - training plans, fueling tips, warm ups and downs, running stronger, running faster, running longer, the mental game, and the motivation to keep keeping at it.

Yes, the previous paragraph is full of the word motivation, because that's what this book is! A solid brick of motivation. I read it while on a short weekend getaway and came back all fired up to build up my running again. Now I have a sort of training plan, am experimenting on my fueling strategy, and most importantly have my motivation tank filled up. Thank you Robin!

Robin's very New York and very 'street' (her fav songs are those that I switch channel away from, the word swagger makes me wince, and I had to google the definition of ethos), but underneath all that is a 5-star running guide, with a superb motivational kick.

I'm marking this to be re-read again in a few months time.

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